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How do I know if my advertising programs are really working? What keywords are sending traffic? How many of paid clicks actually turn into customers, and at what cost to my business? How can I improve my shopping cart to keep customers from leaving the site before checkout?

These are common questions that we hear every day. Understanding how user's interact with your web pages, how they find your website, and which advertising channels are meeting ROI goals is of paramount importance to any company doing business online. Simply put, If you’re making a serious investment in online marketing, your campaigns must be driven by metrics and goals. It’s a simple ethos, and the foundation of every client account managed by Accelerate Media.

Web analytics is the process of gathering data, analyzing site usage, and using this information to make profit-generating enhancements to online marketing and web site usability. With Web analytics, you can generate customized, enterprise-level reporting across a broad range of available user segmentation and drill down on key performance indicators that drive your business. Additionally, you can map out user behavior, determine which pages are the most effective at producing conversions, and understand the results of every advertising channel you employ.

Google Analytics

Accelerate Media Chicago has extensive experience with nearly every web analytics tool on the market, including Google Analytics (invited to beta-test in 2005), and can provide expert set-up, configuration, and on-going management of your traffic and conversion reporting initiatives. Based on your goals, we'll produce robust reports that highlight visits, content usage, traffic sources, and conversions, and present each report in a manner that’s easy to understand and share within your organization. Furthermore, we’ll correlate the data with your website and campaign performance, make recommendations for on-going optimization, and help your website reach its full potential while you focus on what matters most: running your business.

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